Cleaning your outdoor paved areas surfaces regularly will ensure their integrity and cleanliness.

Paver Sealing

Wash Pro’s of the treasure coast is becoming a trusted name for paver cleaning and sealing.

Cleaning your outdoor living areas surfaces regularly will ensure their integrity and cleanliness.

Having them sealed can help increase the surface life exponentially. Some reasons why our customers decide to seal their surfaces are;

  • Easy future clean up – When you seal a surface, it repels harmful stains from soaking into the surface. For example, red wine on the natural stone pool deck or Oil stains on the paver driveway. 
  • Prevent sand loss in paver joints – Most common with pavers. Sealed paver joints do not wash out like unsealed joints. We use a two-part, water-based sealer to help lock in the paver sand. This process also helps prevent rapid weed growth in between pavers. 
  • Color Retention – The Florida sun will fade a pavers color in no time. We recommend sealing pavers and keeping up with the sealing every couple of years to protect from harmful UV rays.
  • Water repellent – Sealing will keep rain water from soaking into the surface and prevent algae growth on the surface and in between joints.

Our team has the knowledge to identify potential issues as well as offer options for each customer’s specific situation.

There are many different variables when it comes to sealing pavers. For example, 

  • What material are you sealing? Concrete pavers, travertine stone, Chicago brick all require different types of sealer.
  • Do your pavers need sand in between the joints? Stabilizing your pavers by replenishing the joint sand is one of the most important steps to proper paver maintenance. 
  • How is the drainage for the area you want to seal? This also will help determine what type of sealer to use. 
  • Has the surface been sealed before? And if it has, what type of sealer was used? Two very important questions. Fortunately, our team has the knowledge to identify.

The list goes on. Oftentimes a customer’s pavers may not be worth sealing, and we’ll be honest with them. For example, they do not drain anymore because of large sinking areas and are too far separated. Those types of conditions need repair. Wash Pro’s of the treasure coast does not perform paver repairs or install pavers. 

If you’re looking to protect your outdoor living space surfaces then give us a call and we can schedule a meeting to see what options make sense for your project.

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