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Frequently asked

Are you licensed and Insured?
Yes, we possess a license to do business. We carry general liability and workers compensation for our employees.
What chemicals do you use?
Depends on the application but usually we're using sodium hypochlorite. Degreasers, acids, peroxides, surfactants all have their specific uses as well.
Do you cover plants when doing a roof wash?
Yes and no. Some plants require covering and heavy rinsing, others may just require a fresh water rinse. We do however bag gutter downspouts where accessible and rinse plants before, during and after the cleaning process.
How long have you been in business?
Full time pressure cleaning since early 2020. But involved in the pressure washing industry since 2005.
Do you bring your own water?
No, we do not transport water to each individual job. Unless we're working with an H.O.A then we would use the municipal water source.
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