Soft Washing Services by Drone

Drone Soft Washing

Wash Pro’s of the Treasure Coast now offers soft washing services by drone.

That’s right, we have a drone that can clean surfaces up to 110 feet. Whether the application is a dangerous roof that needs to be soft washed, a tall commercial building that normally requires expensive lift rentals or high-rise window cleaning, we now offer a safer, potentially more cost-effective approach to these cleaning challenges.

Some Drone cleaning applications include:

  • Large Clay Tile Roofs 
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Municipal Water Towers/buildings
  • Church Steeples
  • Convention Centers
  • Stadiums
  • Airplane Hangars
  • Schools
  • Windows
  • Solar Panels
  • Salt Removal

How does it work?

The Drone works in conjunction with our existing soft wash equipment. Whether we need to spray chemicals or pure “spot-free” water, our system can handle the demand.  We simply connect a hose to the drone. There is a display screen on the remote that allows the operator to see what he is cleaning very clearly. The Drone runs on batteries.  So, there are no power cords or anything electrical dangling in the air. One great safety feature is that it has collision avoidance, which means the drone will not go any closer to a surface than what the parameters allow. 

Here in Stuart, Florida we are surrounded by salty air. Especially on the barrier island, salt is brutal on buildings. The windows need to be cleaned and buildings washed on a regular basis to preserve their integrity. If not, expensive windows become etched and faded, paint deteriorates much quicker, metal fixtures corrode, etc. Our drone washing service can help preserve your building. No longer is it impractical to clean tall buildings or wash the windows effectively. Wash Pros has a solution!

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